Pyrotechnician Resources

Fireworks Cue Sheet Template
Here are a couple cue sheet templates that were created using Microsoft Excel and can be used at most of your fireworks displays.

  • Generic Cue Sheet
  • Pyrodigital Cue Sheet by Shot
  • Pyrodigital Cue Sheet by Address

  • fireworks cue sheet

    Mortar Box Layout Template
    This fireworks mortar box layout template was created using Microsoft Word. It is easily editable, and allows you to arrange different size aerial mortars in as many sand boxes as you require. It is currently setup for shell sizes ranging from 3" to 5", but can accommodate larger guns by using larger circles or a different color. Having a layout like this complete before you arrive on site the day of the show will make your setup go an order of magnitude faster since there will be no confusion of what is supposed to go where.

  • Mortar Box Layout Template

  • mortar layout

    Firing Site Layout Template
    This is a high level overview of the placement of all of your mortar racks, sand boxes, cakes, and direction to audience.

  • Site Layout Template that uses mortar boxes, racks grouped for finale, and cakes
  • Site Layout Template that uses racks for the main show and racks grouped for the finale
  • Site Layout Template that uses racks, cakes, and barrels of sand for large 10" and 12" guns, in addition to pyrodigital addressing

  • fireworks field setup

    Pyrotechnic Operator Equipment Checklist
    This is a generic checklist that can be used for any show. Different shows require different items, so items that are not needed for a specific show can be crossed off the list prior to beginning the check off process. Keep in mind, this is just a personal checklist of the pyrotechnic operator, which does not include the fireworks equipment and hardware, such as racks, mortars, cleats, and the fireworks themselves.

  • Pyrotechnic Equipment Checklist
  • pyro checklist

    Diagram of Proper Grounding for Pinboard Firing System
    This printable diagram shows the proper way to redundantly ground your pinboard firing system.

  • Pinboard Grounding Map
  • grounding electrical firing system