The Big Picture - What is the process from fireworks show booking to fireworks show execution?

Ever wondered how it works from the very beginning? It's a process that is a little more complicated than buying some fireworks. But don't worry, the step by step process involved when a fireworks show is produced is simplified and shown below.

fireworks show process

1. The display company orders the fireworks from the manufacturer - This is done long before the show is booked.  The majority of the fireworks you see are shipped from overseas.  Why not make them here in America?  Simple.  It's much more cost effective to order them from overseas.  Besides, most of the "product" received from overseas is of excellent quality.   
2. The customer decides they want a fireworks display - They then call the display company and discuss their options.  These options include show size, show duration, exact show location, show cost, show logistics, and any special requests such as music choreography. 

3. Licensed pyrotechnic operator contracted and show scripted - A licensed operator is contacted and agrees to setup and shoot the said display.  A Show Producer who works for the display company will now compose a unique script which the show will follow.
4. The licensed operator meets with customer and fire inspector at display site - During this meeting, site safety, music coordination, and other logistical matters are taken care of. 
5. The licensed operator and his crew set up the show - Depending on the show size, this can take a few hours to a few days.  The operator will pick the show up (already packed in a truck) from the display company, then drive it out to the display site.  The operators crew will meet him/her at the display site at a pre-designated time for setup. 
6. The display is fired - The display goes off and then the crew re-packs the equipment into the truck.  The operator then has the responsibility of returning the truck and equipment to the display company along with finishing/submitting all required paperwork.
7. Customer and his audience are happy - Process then has the potential to repeat again next year. 
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