Setting up Fireworks (Roman) Candles

roman candlesFireworks Candles

Safety First
First a few safety guidelines:
  • Always keep your body parts away from the muzzle of any device.
  • Be weary of cutting the quickmatch if there is an electric match in it. This WILL set if off if you cut through the e-match.
  • Remember, they are explosives, some more sensitive than others, treat them ALL with respect.

What type of candles are there?
Candles come in different sizes and effects. Their size is usually specified in millimeters (mm) and their effects can range from comets, screamers, shells, and more. They are more traditionally known as "Roman" candles.

Smaller candles usually come in "battens." Battens just means a group of the same type of candle. So you might get three battens, but each batten might consist of a half dozen candles all bunched together. This is typically done with the smaller candles to allow multiple simultaneous shots from the same location, or give the appearance that a single candle is firing faster than it really is. This makes the smaller devices more impressive.

Training Video!

Setting up Fireworks Candles

How do we setup a fireworks candle?
When securing candles in a rack or on any other structure, you must make sure they can take numerous shots and remain stable. As with fireworks cakes, candles also can not be stopped once they are ignited, so extra care should be taken in securing them. The most common method of mounting candles is in a rack. They can be secured to the rack with bailing wire. Watch a video explanation of securing candles to a rack. As with aerial shells, the racks must be cleated for stability. Candles can be secured to posts, fences, metal rods, etc. depending on your firing site's logistical needs.