How Fireworks Work
Many people find themselves asking, "How Do Fireworks Work?"   The following information is presented to help dimistify the magical effects used at professional fireworks displays. Keep in mind that these descriptions were created for the general public, so if you are looking for professional training in the pyrotechnics field, make sure you check out our online fireworks training pages, which contain a lot of the details needed to setup a professional fireworks display. Be sure to check out our YouTube playlist on How Fireworks Work.
How Fireworks Work
Aerial Fireworks

Aerial Fireworks, Mines, Comets, Waterfalls, Candles, Lance Work

electrical firing

Electrical Firing

green fire

The Magic of Colored Fire

Fireworks Cakes

Quickmatch, Strobes, Gerbes, Line Rockets, Concusion Hits, Cakes

1.3g explosive placard

The Different Types of Explosives

tools of the trade

Tools of the Trade