The PYRO-CAM™ captures an innovative new approach to filming fireworks displays. It brings new meaning to "up close and personal" video footage. The PYRO-CAM™ brings our ability to give insight into this exciting profession to a new level. It allows us to place a video camera in the "danger zone" where people are not allowed, and get shots that would be impossible otherwise. The entire system is comprised of:

  • High end video camera
  • Strong, air tight metal enclosure with bullet proof window
  • Feed through connectors
  • Acoustic dampening material lining the inside of the box to eliminate camera vibration
  • Remote LCD viewing monitor
  • Camera remote control to operate camera from a distance outside the box
  • External boom microphone which can be mounted anywhere via XLR cable, to eliminate "in box" muffled sound

Video Camera
The Video Camera mount was made optimally for our Sony VX-2100 3CCD Video Camera. The Sony VX-2100 has the best low light performance of most 3CCD video cameras available today. A high quality wide angle lens is used to increase the amount of area captured in each frame.


Metal Enclosure
The metal enclosure consists of two main parts, namely the main camera compartment, and the extension at the top for the lens. It was decided to mount the camera vertically and weld an extension on the top portion of the box, instead of mounting the camera horizontal, so as to give more flexibility in the camera position when filming. A horizontal mount would have limited us to filming horizontally since the box would become unstable if placed on its sides for a vertical shot. Now, we can film at any angle desired, without compromising physical stability of the system. The glass viewing window at the top is custom made bulletproof glass to protect the camera lens, while still allowing a magnificent shot. The glass is held in place with a metal brace which is bolted to the metal housing.


pyrocam inside pyrocam inside 2

Remote Viewing Monitor
A remote LCD viewing monitor is used to view the video in real time. The monitor is connected through a properly matched 100ft 75Ohm BNC cable to the feed-throughs mentioned above.


Camera Remote Control
In order to operate the camera remotely from a distance outside of the enclosure, a small handheld remote is used. This remote gives us control over record/stop, on/off, auto/manual focus, and zoom.


pyrocam video screen


External Boom Microphone
An external microphone is used to eliminate the muffled sound associated with using the camera's built in microphone when enclosed in a metal box. The microphone is connected via XLR audio cable to the feed through connections on the enclosure.


pyrocam microphone


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