Your First Fireworks Show

Safety First!
Due to the nature of dealing with explosives, safety of yourself, your crew, and the audience is absolutely paramount, and will always come first.

  • Do NOT touch explosives until instructed to do so by the licensed pyrotechnic operator in charge.
  • Do NOT drop, slide, or hit (to open) the fireworks boxes.
  • Load shells furthest from you first, so that you don't have to place any part of body over a loaded mortar to reach your next shell.
  •  Once shells are loaded, including while you load each shell, DO NOT place any part of body over mortars.
  • All crew must have safety glasses on during setup.
  •  No Smoking or open flames within 100 feet of any live product. Ask the operator in charge where a safe location to smoke is.
  •  With the exception of the fire inspector and the crew, do not let anyone into the firing zone without asking the operator in charge first. 
  • No one under 18 allowed in the firing zone at any time during setup or show.
  • No horseplay
  • At his/her descretion, the pyrotechnic operator in charge can decide NOT to fire a display if he/she believes it is not safe to fire a show. These reasons could include, but are not limited to:
    - High winds
    - Unsecured firing zone
    - Your customer asking for a change to the show that you believe to be unsafe
  • Arrive to show site on time, so that you do not miss the operator's safety/logistics briefing.
  •  When the show starts Everyone Must have ALL safety gear on. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  •  Safety Gear includes
    - Hard Hat
    - Working gloves
    - Black Long Sleeve Sweater/Long Pants (Non Synthetic, i.e. no man made fibers, must be a natural fiber like cotton )
    - Shoes and socks
    - Safety Glasses
    - Ear Plugs (mandatory for anyone hand firing, optional for everyone else)
  • After show, do not approach guns for at least 30 min.  Wait until licensed operator in charge has cleared the guns and gives the "all clear."
  • Watch our video on electric match safety
  • If your unsure about ANYTHING, ask the pyrotechnic operator in charge before you do it.

You will be dealing with Explosives!  Treat them with lots of respect. 

Safety is paramount, so if you have any doubts about what you are doing, ASK before you do it!

A Couple Definitions

  • Call Time: The operator designated time in which the crew meets at the show site for setup. (a.k.a. "crew call time")
  • Strike: Refers to the breakdown and cleanup at the conclusion of the display.
  • Product: Refers to the fireworks and/or live explosives.
  • Supplies and Gear
    Please pay attention to ALL of the items on this list.  The items listed as "MUST" you must have when you come out to work a show. Having said that, each item is on the list for a well thought out reason, so even if it doesn't say "MUST," you should still strongly consider bringing it. Most of the items on this page are described in detail in our pyro tools section of the web site, so read up if you need clarification before purchasing any of them.

    Supplies and gear that is to be provided by you:

      1. MUST have a Claw Hammer

      2. MUST have a long sleeve sweater (Black or Dark Blue, need only be worn during the show for safety)

      3.  MUST have long non-synthetic pants (i.e. jeans or BDU's are acceptable.  Black or Dark Blue.  These only need to be worn during show for safety.)

      4. MUST have closed toe shoes 

      5. MUST have driver's license or a valid government issued picture id with your birthday on it

      Training Videos!

      Your First Fireworks Show

      Fireworks Show Safety Gear

      6. MUST have End Cutters (a.k.a. end cutting "nippers")

      7. MUST have a flashlight

      8. MUST have your own working gloves

      9. MUST have your own safety glasses

      11. MUST have a Hard Hat, black prefered (can get a black one here)

      12. Chair

      13. Pyro Spectaculars Shirt

      14. Cordless drill

      15. Roll of masking tape

      16. Sun Block

      17. Sharpie Marker

      18. Pen

    The operator in charge will supply:

      1. Snacks

      2. Water

      3. Everything else needed

    Apearance and Demeanor
    A professional appearance and attitude is mandatory.  Remember that our first priority is to put on a professional fireworks display, you will have fun, but just remember to be professional and safe when doing so.  During the day, it is acceptable to wear what ever you want for pants or shorts. It is prefered for you wear a Pyro Spectaculars shirt (if you have one, and pending weather of course).  At night during the show, you must have your black attire (a.k.a. show blacks) on.  This includes your black pants and black long sleeve shirt/sweater.     The reasoning behind your black attire is not stick out in the background during the show, and to give a uniform look when in view of the public (such as infield stadium shows).  This helps keep the mystery behind a professional fireworks display.    During the day you will probably get pretty dirty as well, so keep this in mind. 

    You will all most likely be dealing with the public, sponsor, fire inspector, or even the media at one point or another, and must be extremely professional when doing so.  You are representing yourself, the operator in charge, and Pyro Spectaculars. 

    Being part of the display crew is a privilege and not a right, so if you are unable to follow these simple guidelines, you will not be asked back for another show.  Pyrotechnics is the most regulated industry in the USA.  It is always under extreme scrutiny, so we must do our best to give off a professional appearance and demeanor.

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