"Infield" Stadium Shows

dodgers stadium fireworksStadium Shows

"Infield" stadium shows usually require a smaller amount of pyro, but more personnel, and a whole lot of coordination. Typically you will have pyro during the national anthem, which for the most part is strait forward. In most cases, you will also shoot some pyro for player introductions. Precise coordination with other events happening on the field is a must. Movements on and off the field usually have to take place in a very limited time span and in coordination with other events. For the larger events, pre-game rehearsals are conducted the day before with everyone involved in the event which could include tv crews, anthem singers, half-time performers, and of course the pyros. This is to ensure smooth transitions from one event to another, and that the area surrounding the pyro is cleared during shoot time.

Once in a while there will also be coordination between the infield pyro crews and an external aerial setup. To make loading faster on and off the field, typically a "cart" is used to bring pyro to/from the field (see picture below). These carts have permanently mounted mortar racks, that allow us to roll the entire setup on/off the field in a timely fashion.

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Pyro Field Carts & Basics of Infield Shows

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