Checking Time Code Quality

Pyrodigital Time Code

How do we check the quality of our time code?
You could always just put the computer into auto-fire mode and wait to see if it syncs up properly; however, this method does not show you the actual quality of the time code. By entering the time code mode, you will see the actual code count, as well as more importantly, the error count. So for example, if you are broadcasting your time code wirelessly, this will give you an idea of the quality of the signal and if any adjustments to your transmitting/receiving arrangements have to be made. Ideally, no errors are received, however this is usually only the case when using an XLR hard line. For a more in depth explanation of time code, see our advanced section.

A short explanation will be given, followed with step by step instructions on conducting a time-code check. Make sure you watch our training video to the right which shows and actual time-code check using both methods mentioned above, namely using auto fire mode and time code mode.

Time Code Quality Check
Here are step by step instructions on how to check the quality of the time code. This example uses "Pyro Digital FSK" time code.
  • Turn power on by switching
  • pd button

    Training Video!

    Time Code Quality Check

  • Then you need to press
  • pd button.
  • Then you can press
  • pd button. to select "Pyro Digital FSK".
  • You are now in the "Time Code Monitor" and are ready to receive the time code signal.
  • Exit this mode by pressing
  • pd button.