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Prior to wiring in any electric matches to your Pyrodigital Field Modules, ensure that each has its Shunt/Arm switch set to "SHUNT." It is best practice to place the field module in "shunt" mode when you are addressing them, prior to even attaching them to the appropriate racks. By placing the modules on shunt, you are insuring that no residual charge inside the module can be discharged into an electric match, upon wiring one in.

Computerized Firing System Field Setup
Taking the diagram below as a reference, notice the general layout of the Pyrodigital firing setup. This is of course only a small example, but in general, most setups follow this type of structure. If you have an aerial setup, you will typically group your racks together such that there are 15 guns per group (each Pyrodigital field module has 16 cues, and each rack typically comes with 5 guns, leaving 1 cue empty on each module). Once your racks are cleated into their appropriate groups, a field module is secured to each group by screwing it into one of the racks in that group.

Each addressed device is then loaded and wired into the attached field module. You are now ready to run the XLR line from field module to field module and back to the field controller. Remembering the "female has the power", you need to make sure you run your XLR line from field module to field module in a fashion that is consistent with the female end coming from the power source, in this case the field controller. Otherwise you will have to re-wire your cabling when you realize you did it backwards.

Your main splitter should be as close to the field controller as possible in case you need to debug an issue such as a short during the display. This will allow the person assigned to the splitter to be away from the fireworks during the debug process. To learn more about debuging a short during the dispaly, see our advanced pyrodigital page.

Now that you understand the basic theory of operation, you can continue on to the use of the Field Controller.

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