Pyrodigital Manual Fire

pyrodigital triggerPyrodigital Manual Fire

If your using a computer, why would you want to manually fire your cues?
Good question. When shooting for a larger event, you might have multiple times throughout there event where pyro must be shot. Example, a major sporting event. National Anthem, Player Intro, and main post-game display. So you will have different data tables in your Field Controller (FC) for your different "shows" throughout the day. Your main post game display would be shot auto fire, most likely to a soundtrack being played inside the stadium. But what about the anthem? Everyone sings (or plays) the anthem at a different tempo (speed). How can you pre-script (shot times) to a live performance? In most cases, you can't. So you fire the anthem cues manually, one shot at a time with the use of a trigger (seen to the right) or similar device.

So how does manual fire mode work?
In manual fire mode you have a data table with a sequence of preprogrammed shots, just as you would with auto fire. What becomes of shot times, addresses, and pre-fire times? You still need an address, and the times must all be sequential (although they don't really matter). Pre-fire time becomes meaningless.

Step by step instructions on using manual fire mode will now be given.

Manual Fire
Here are step by step instructions on how to use the Manual Fire Mode of the Pyrodigital Field Controller. This example assumes multiple manual shots.
  • Turn power on by switching
  • pd button  
  • Plug in your firing cable and the "dead man" remote switch.
  • Then you need to press
  • pd button.
  • Turn arming key to arm
  • pd button.
  • Then you can press
  • pd button. to scroll through the table and select the shot you want to start with.
  • Make sure you are holding down the "dead man" remote switch, which should turn off the "hold fire" light on the front panel.
  • Then you need to press
  • pd button (or use the trigger) each time to fire each individual shot.
  • You then repeat this pressing of the fire button for each shot until you reach the end of the data table.
  • The computer will automatically advance to the next shot after each press of the fire button (or pull of the trigger).
  • Make sure the dead man button is pressed or the shot will not fire, and the table will not advance.
  • To skip a shot, press
  • pd button
  • Exit this mode by pressing
  • pd button