The Basics of Unloading/Loading the Pyro Truck


dodgers stadium fireworksCome on, really?
Do we really need lessons on loading/unloading the truck? Yes. Although it seems straight forward, this simple task still needs to be explained. Keep reading.

First and foremost, is that you should generally leave your product (explosives) on the truck out of the way until your ready to load it in the guns. Get all your equipment down, set it up, then remove the goodies. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. One example would be in the case of a rooftop show where all equipment and product needs to get hoisted up to the roof in one sitting.

The most efficient method of unloading racks for a large display is to use the "chain" method. This method is quicker than having to move the truck to drop racks at each position. This is especially true since the racks are typically stacked by size on the truck, not in order of your setup. See the training video below for a demonstration and further explanation of this method.

Training Videos!

Unloading Fireworks Racks

Re-Packing Live Fireworks

Fireworks Shipping Folder Paperwork

Loading, aka "packing the truck"

It's late, I'm tired, we just put in a 24 hour shift, can't I just throw everything back in the truck? Ask yourself this question instead: How can I make the worker at the plant who has to unpack 20 trucks the next day in the sweltering 110 degree desert heat job a little easier? Yeah. Or how about to show a little professionalism? It takes little or no extra effort to organize the truck in a manner that makes it much easier for the guy who has to unpack it the next day. Throw your racks in first. Typically, large guns first, small guns last. Make sure you stack the racks evenly in such a manner that they will not fall over in transport. This includes stacking them too high. Put general equipment in next, then your trash, and lastly the electronics. Make sure your electronics are packed so that they are not underneath any other equipment, and that there is no danger of other equipment falling on them. Now your truck is packed in an organized manner. Also make sure if you have any leftover product that it gets labeled properly and packed at the tail of the truck so the workers can see it first upon opening the truck.

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