Fireworks Safety for Kids
Lighting Fireworks on the fourth of July is one of America's favorite pastimes. However, if your not safe while doing so, you can turn a happy day into a horrible one. Following some simple rules can help ensure your neighborhood fireworks display is not only enjoyable, but also safe. Remember, a great alternative to shooting fireworks at home, is to come enjoy a professional fireworks display!

Safety Tips for the Use of Consumer Fireworks

1) A sober responsible adult should always be present.
2) Always have a bucket of water handy.
3) "Punks" or long stem "BBQ lighters" should be used to light the fireworks.
4) For most consumer fireworks, the audience should be kept at least 20 feet away. For larger consumer fireworks, at least 50ft.
5) Fireworks are not toys, small children should never use them.
6) Only use fireworks from sanctioned fireworks stands and retail stores.
7) Never use unlabeled fireworks.
8) Never use "M-80" type devices. These are illegal, dangerous, and unregulated.
9) The person lighting the fireworks should always have a pair of safety glasses on.
10) Soak all fireworks in a bucket of water before putting them in the trash can.
11) Light one firework at a time.
12) Never put any part of your body over a firework when lighting it.
13) Never hold a firework in your hand when lighting it.
14) Never try to make your own fireworks, or take apart the ones you buy.
15) Never point or throw fireworks at another person.
16) Always check your local laws to see what is legal in your area before purchasing fireworks.

Watch the great video to the right which was produced by the National Council on Fireworks Safety.


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