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Please read through the following FAQ's before contacting me:

You only work in CALIFORNIA, so how do I find a pyrotechnic operator to work with in my state (or country)?
  • Your best bet is to contact your State Fire Marshall's office and ask them for a list of the fireworks display companies that operate in your area. These display companies should be able to set you up with an operator and the appropriate training. You are always welcome to start learning by utilizing our free online fireworks training pages. See our page with a high level overview of which states require a pyrotechnics license. I do not know anything about the fireworks laws/procedures in other countries. No, I don't know an operator or a company that I can set you up with in another state. If you live in California, you can apply for our fireworks crew.

  • Will you consult on a fireworks related court case and testify as an expert witness?
  • No, unfortunately we don't have the time to take on such a task.

  • Do you sell firing systems?
  • No, but you can read about the firing systems we use.

  • Do you consult as a fireworks expert for magazines, news papers, online articles, television and movie productions?
  • Yes. Mike is happy to conduct interviews and consult. Read his fireworks expert page for details.

  • Do you sell fireworks?
  • We put you in touch with the folks who sell professional fireworks displays, at our partner company, Pyro Spectaculars.

  • I'm doing a school project on a career in Pyrotechnics. Can I send some interview questions for you to answer?
  • Sure, but ONLY if they are not already answered here: A Pyrotechnic Career. You can quote Mike directly from that page. All that we ask in return is that you site the use of information from and be sure to include a link.

    How can I advertise on
  • You can advertise by purchasing a banner ad. We are also open to the idea of mutually beneficial collaborations. All the details are on our website advertisement page.

  • How do fireworks work?
  • Read these pages on How Fireworks Work.

  • Do you make fireworks?
  • No. Mike is a licensed pyrotechnic operator in the State of California, which means he can transport, setup, and discharge a public fireworks display in California, using state approved pre-manufactured pyrotechnic devices.

  • What is legally required to make my own fireworks in California? (or any other state)
  • California makes it virtually impossible to manufacture your own fireworks unless you are a large company. We don't have anything to do with manufacturing fireworks, and don't condone someone pursuing it that doesn't have the proper background and training to do so safely and legally. Contact the state Fire Marshal's office, that is the best place to start if you are still interested.

  • Can I ask you what the best way to set up my back yard fireworks is?
  • No, we do not give out advice on setting up fireworks for your backyard display, regardless of whether it is in a state/area in which it is legal to do so. Examples: How far apart should my mortars be spaced? How many of the 1.4G cakes should I fire at once to be entertaining? How should I wire up the electric matches? Which firing system do you recommend I use?

  • Can I ask you how to set up a particular professional display firework?
  • No, we will not give professional fireworks setup advice over email. Example: "Can professional firework cakes be left in the cardboard box or do the have to be removed from the box?" There is a ton of professional fireworks display setup information contained in the fireworks training section of our website.

  • Can I use the pictures on
  • You can use our pictures on another website, as long as it is not being used in a commercial product (if for a commercial product you can contact us below for licensing fees), you download the image (no hot linking), and the water mark must be left on the picture and be clearly visible. In addition, somewhere on the same page, you must give credit to, which must link to our website. Here is an example: Picture used with permission from

    If interested in using any of our images in a video production or commercial print (anything that is sold or monetized in some way) of some sort, including textbooks, contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page for licensing fees.

  • What education is needed to become a pyrotechnician?
  • This question is answered here: Education needed for Pyrotechnics.

  • If I work as part of your crew, will I get paid?
  • Read the section on the following page on Fireworks Crew Stipends.

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