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In order to become part of our fireworks display crew:

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Step 1
You must reside in ONE OF THE REGIONS SHOWN IN THE MAP BELOW and be 18+ years old.

Step 2
Submit the Form Below with ALL required information

Step 3
Upon receipt of your form, we will tell you if you qualify for an open position. Upon acceptance, you will then need to download the Employee Possessor Form, instructions on how to fill it out, along with when/where to return the form. You will be required to read and adhear to our crew policies, prior to working your first display.

Step 4
If you live in Southern California, you will be placed on our pyro crew email list and are then eligible to come out and crew shows with any operator that works for Pyro Spectaculars. If you reside elsewhere in California, you will set up with the Pyro Spectaculars office that is closest to you. This is a seasonal opportunity and you are encouraged to participate in as many shows as possible. Check the list of our past fireworks displays to get a better idea of when shows are typically booked. For the most part, all shows are in California, so you must reside in this area for it to be practical. Due to the volume of requests we receive and the amount of time and effort on it takes for proper training, "one-timers" are not allowed. All new crew is required to go through all of our Professional Fireworks Training Pages before working their first show. You are also required to have all the proper personal safety gear and tools. Get started today by submitting the form below! We contact you exclusively via email, so please make sure it is correct! Please read our Frequently Asked Questions before you begin.

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