Who is Pyrotechnic Innovations?

Pyrotechnic Innovations, also widely known as Pyro Innovations, was founded by Mike Tockstein in 2002, and is dedicated to providing a means of entering into the field of pyrotechnics, to communicate the cutting edge standards in pyrotechnics, and all associated training. This is accomplished through field exercises and our extensive Fireworks Training pages, which include tons of information, with step by step video explanations you won't find anywhere else, on the methods used to set up a professional fireworks display.

Pyrotechnic Innovations formally partnered with Pyro Spectaculars in 2013 to provide Pyro Spectaculars exclusive access to the personnel and training resources of Pyrotechnic Innovations.

Pyro Innovations provides cutting edge training and experience of the setup and firing of professional fireworks displays. We are particularly fond of using video for training and to give the public insight on what its like to put on a professional fireworks display.

Pyrotechnic Innovations adheres to the highest standards possible and is constantly training new fireworks crew.

We have been interviewed and featured in numerous fireworks related television, internet, and newspaper articles. Our pictures and videos have appeared in television productions, plays, school textbooks, and been used to support our troops overseas on military bases and ships. We receive emails from people all over the world. Feel free to contact us with anything you would like see added to our fireworks web site!

Michael A. Tockstein, owner/operator of Pyrotechnic Innovations

Licensed Pyrotechnician Since: 2001
About Mike:
- M.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from USC
- B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering w/ Minor in Applied Mathematics from CSULB
- 17+ Years Experience as an Electrical Engineer in the Aerospace Industry
- Published in numerous peer reviewed scientific journals and holder of a U.S. patent
- Performed over 250 professional fireworks displays
- Holds two CA Pyrotechnic Operator licenses: Basic Commercial and Rockets 3rd Class
- Earned 3 Distinguished Service Awards, 6 Notice of Commendations, 1 Special Commendation, and 1 Heroic Act Award, during 15 years employment as a part-time ocean lifeguard.

After having worked for fireworks display company Pyro Spectaculars for a couple years, Mike started the Pyrotechnic Innovations website originally to post pictures and videos of his fireworks displays to aid in recruiting new people for his fireworks crew.

Over the years, the website gained in popularity and started to generate so many new people, that he was constantly having to provide training at every one of his shows. After shooting many training videos and spending hours in front of the computer, in 2007, Mike published the Fireworks Training section of the website. He then started requiring all new people to read through all the training pages before working their first show, which ended up cutting down the training time in the field by a significant factor. The fireworks training pages were a huge success in helping to streamline training so many people. Additionally, many pyrotechnic operators started using the fireworks training pages to add to their knowledge bank and train their crews.

In 2013, Pyrotechnic Innovations officially partnered with Pyro Spectaculars to provide the extensive personnel resources of the site in addition to a formalized training program.

Throughout his fireworks career, Mike has done many newspaper, magazine, and online interviews on his career in pyrotechnics. He has also done pyrotechnic related work for television, such as for Discovery Channel's show "Mythbusters," on multiple occasions. On two occasions, he produced and provided fireworks videos for our overseas troops to watch on the 4th of July.

Check out Mike's upcoming fireworks displays.

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