Electrical Firing System - Firing Cables

Firing Cables

The type of firing cable used depends primarily on how many conductors is needed. Generally, 16 or 50 conductor cables are used, being this is the most common type of firing system configuration. Some systems are designed with a specific male/female polarity (i.e. one type solely used at firing system end and one type used at field module end) and some use the same sex connector for both ends. The specific polarity design usually used to imply the "direction" of the firing current and/or data signal (computerized system only); however, this is unnecessary in an analog (non-computerized) firing system, where there is not necessarily an "input" and "output" of the field module. In other words, you don't have to worry about which end of the cable goes where in an analog system which uses the same sex connector on both the slave and firing control module, ultimately saving you time during setup. In addition, firing cables can have a separate ground line secured to them for systems which are not internally grounded. See pictures below.

firing cables

fireworks firing cables
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