Display Fireworks Facts

What is the average length of a 4th of July Fireworks Display?
The average 4th of July fireworks display lasts between 15 and 25 minutes. The length of the fireworks display does not necessarily translate to quality of the show. For a given budget, the shorter you keep your display, the better it will be.

How fast does a fireworks shell travel when fired from a mortar?
The larger the fireworks shell, the faster it's muzzle velocity is when leaving the fireworks "gun" or mortar. The graphic below shows the approximate muzzle velocities of fireworks of different sizes.

fireworks shell velocity speeds

How high does a fireworks shell go when fired?
The graphic below shows the approximate heights and travel distances for a fireworks shell when fired at a 75 degree angle. Keep in mind, most fireworks shells are fired vertically, and only when similar shells are simultaneously fired from the same position, or in a finale, will you get fireworks that are fired at a trajectory other than 90 degrees.

fireworks shell altitude height

How large is the burst diameter of a fireworks shell?
Once again, the larger the fireworks shell, the larger the burst diameter. This is one of the reasons the larger shells must travel higher before the explode, as shown in the plot above. The general rule is 45 feet in diameter for ever inch of firework caliber. The graphic below clarifies this point:

fireworks burst diameter size

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