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Average Monthly Page Views: 15,000+ (November gets 25,000+, June gets 50,000+, and July gets 80,000+).
Average Yearly Page Views: 250,000+

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The great thing about our website traffic is that it is mostly unique.  We gets tons of search engine referrals to our fireworks website.  This means almost every person who comes to our site is not only a fireworks enthusiast, but a unique fireworks enthusiast.  So most of your banner views will be from different people and not the same crowd over and over.  We also have the most in-depth online fireworks training of any site on the web.

Your banner will be placed in the rotation and will be randomly displayed on bottom of every page of the site (this includes the home page and training pages!). 

Ad pricing is broken down into number of years and is shown in the purchase box to the left.  The more years you purchase the more money you save!


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Upon receipt of your payment or agreement of a mutual promotion, your banner will go live the day we receive it!

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